Delivering Personality at Coppola

Coppola Winery

Over the Holiday break, my family and I took a trip out to Napa Valley to experience Wine Country. We visited a number of fantastic wineries, but one of the places that most inspired me was the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. It wasn’t even the beautiful grounds themselves or the quality wine that most inspired me, it was the way they brought Coppola’s personality to life in every aspect of the experience, from the environment to the naming of wines.  Read more of this post

Hate the Label, Not the Wine…

First, let me apologize to the true wine connoisseurs out there for my less than scientific wine buying tactics…

Here’s the buying journey: To start, I check out the bottles flagged with ‘wine spectator’ or other reputable ratings, then if I‘m not satisfied, I’ll ask for a recommendation from the knowledgable staff. But that’s really where ‘reason’ ends and my design brain takes over. Even if the wine is great, could I possibly buy a bottle with a terrible or even mediocre label?!? I think not. And while I, begrudgingly, understand I cannot base my entire wine choice on the design of the label, there is part of me that hopes and waits for that day. Until then, I suggest Toast-Its! A site offering wine bottle labels for all occasions.

Cover up those nasty labels… Bottoms up! Na Zdrowie!