A Signature Experience | New Riff Distilling

The Signature Experiences series continues, our 2nd adventure was to visit New Riff Distilling, which opened a few years ago just across the river from our Cincinnati office. It is so young that their bourbon is still sleeping in barrels, and they are currently bottling other brands until they are ready to bottle their own bourbon. Read more of this post

A Signature Experience | The Candle Lab

Each FRCH studio consists of a combination of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, resource specialists, strategists, and project managers. We all work together to deliver ownable on-brand moments for our clients and their guests each and every day. But how do we align and unite our disciplines across studios to create an opportunity for new dialogue and encourage sparking anew to keep our creative juices flowing? Read more of this post

Tesla, Arguably the World’s Best Car Brand

tesla-model-s-logo-628If you haven’t heard about Tesla lately, you might be living under a rock. Nearly every other week they make the news with a new accolade received or award won. To put this in context – this is a car company; an American car company; and the Model S is the first car they’ve ever built from scratch. You have to ask yourself, how is this even possible? Read more of this post

Steve Jobs Redefined Design

Steve Jobs’ masterful objects of desire are proof of the purchasing power of design. He made this world a more beautiful place and changed how we work, learn and communicate with each other, among other things. Fast Company examines what made him so great in this article, calling him a “user-experience savant”. This excerpt says it all: “A reporter who asked Jobs about the market research that went into the iPad was famously told, “None. It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” Read more of this post