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Just Keep Learning…

Just keep learning

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? Well I’d like to bury that bone with all of the others. I don’t ever want to be considered an old dog who is too stubborn to learn new tricks. As a matter of pretty unfortunate fact, I have a larger sweet tooth for learning right now than I ever while did in school. Ever since I have become more accepting to broadening my horizons, I am finding that my plate is already full and the figurative dim sum cart keeps passing with more delicious opportunities. Read more of this post

Architecture and Fashion Collide with United Nude Footwear

The architecturally-inspired footwear of United Nude proves that artists and designers who seek inspiration from sources outside of their disciplines can yield captivating results. UN’s shoe designs stand out through unique concepts and details that push the boundaries of footwear in terms of form, structure, and materiality. Read more of this post

California Retail: Trends and Details

On a recent journey to the west coast I saw some interesting trends in retail developments and some well thought out details. Above is Blends at The Lab in Costa Mesa where their stunning collection of limited edition sneakers is displayed “on ice” behind glass cooler doors.

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Ultra Local and Hyper Familiar

Out on the edge of the Hamptons, there are a couple of small hotels that may be a vision for the future of hospitality.

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Viva la efficiency!

Open floorplans have become increasingly prevalent in designer hotels—offering potential efficiencies to both the guest and the hotel developer—fewer walls can equal less cost to build.

One formula to this trend is the integration of the bed with a bathtub as seen in these examples from Europe and South America.

Reminds me a little of the New York City apartments that have bathtubs in the kitchen. nyhabitat, apartmenttherapy

Viva la efficiency!