Big Data Creates Big Magic at Walt Disney World

I’ve grown up going to Walt Disney World in Orlando every few years for practically my entire life. So, I’ve seen a lot the changes and improvements they’ve made over the years. I remember when they moved from printed tickets to ticket cards and then the introduction of the FastPass system in 1999 – but my all-time favorite technology has been the MagicBand and MyMagic+ system they launched in 2013. Read more of this post

The Making of Harry Potter

FRCH Creative Fuel, The Making of Harry Potter

Back in 2000 an enterprising production team made its way to a UK film studio. The idea was based on a book about a young boy with a lighting-bolt-shaped scar who learns that he is a wizard. Hundreds of talented individuals brought to life a decade worth of productions for the Harry Potter films, based on seven enchanted books by beloved author JK Rowling. Read more of this post

The Art of Themed Entertainment and The Lincoln Museum

IMG_1566The Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is filled with high-end historical dioramas. Designed by friends at BRC Imagination Arts, the displays help to bring history to a more personal level by placing the audience in the middle of the action. Read more of this post

Death and Storytelling in Themed Entertainment

In an earlier post I demonstrated how to make a Pirate Skeleton.  Why do we, as theme park guests, find these props and images fascinating and entertaining?  At last count I found over 48 corpses and 3 cemeteries on display at various locations throughout Disneyland in California.  They help set the mood of the attraction by sparking our curiosity and playing to our basic human emotions.  We at FRCH set the mood of every project with our design work.  With clients like Disney, Seaworld Parks & Entertainment, and Herschend Family Entertainment, we need to understand every aspect of great storytelling.

Read more of this post