Hanging Around

Being part of the Hospitality Studio, I am always interested in staying at unique and different lodging experiences when traveling. So, on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest with my husband and friends, we journeyed a little further north than originally planned to spend the night in sphere tree houses. It was definitely worth it! Read more of this post

Nature + Architecture

It’s become a tradition to spend a couple days of my holiday vacation camping in Red River Gorge—this year I traded a tent for a treehouse. And not just a shed a few feet off the ground—Observatory Treehouse is an off-the-grid 4-level piece of art suspended in a cliff side. Read more of this post

FRCH and University of Cincinnati Partner to Aid Haiti

I have experienced many highlights in my eight years with FRCH.  Looking back, one of the biggest highlights has been our on-going partnership with the University of Cincinnati in an effort to create and introduce sustainable design solutions for the rebuilding of Haiti.  This partnership has helped many individuals on many levels including the students, the University, FRCH staff, and most of all, those who were affected by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit near Port-au-Prince Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Read more of this post