In celebration of over ten years of “Best Place to Work” recognition, everyone’s hard work and closing in on our 50-year anniversary coming in 2018, we thought it would be a great opportunity to say THANK YOU and give Monday, July 3rd as an extra day off to extend the holiday and spend some extra time with family and friends…however there was one condition, FRCH-ers had to capture their free time with photos. We asked them to share those special moments – whether it was fireworks, food, family or fun – we wanted to see how #FRCHCelebrates!  Read more of this post

2015 Summer Soiree Celebration

FRCH Summer Soiree
FRCH recently held its annual summer celebration, the 2015 Summer Soiree! It’s always nice to spend time with each other in a relaxed setting, share ideas and meet new additions to the team as well as their families. Read more of this post

How Did You Spend Your Time Off?

Hats Off to FRCH Design Worldwide!  In order to show appreciation and celebrate our hard work, FRCH rewarded all of us with a wonderful surprise:  an additional day off after the July 4 Holiday. The catch?  We were asked to document our day to share with the rest of the firm.  This was a day to be inspired, to recharge our spirits and share our stories.  Check out these slices of inspiration that represent all of those that make FRCH great!

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AUGUST – signs of summer’s ending

– The frowsy, blowsy look of the garden

– Large liver spots in the yard

– An entourage of gnats accompanying me everywhere (with lots of ‘kisses’)

– The trickle of tomatoes into the kitchen that has become a torrent

– Eating on the porch is a short morning activity – the length of my double espresso

– Eating on the porch in the evening is also to be eaten

– Morning sunlight flooding the kitchen window – I fill my Dad’s coffee pot with my eyes closed to the brightness

– Evening sunlight streaming in the sidelights of the front door to bounce off the news reporters on the TV

– The sun is east-west – but only for a few weeks – slipping further south to winters longer shadows

– Wondering when to stop cutting roses and let the flowers form their hips

– Peach season is winding down.  It was long this year