The Art of Themed Entertainment and The Lincoln Museum

IMG_1566The Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is filled with high-end historical dioramas. Designed by friends at BRC Imagination Arts, the displays help to bring history to a more personal level by placing the audience in the middle of the action. Read more of this post

Retail on Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

Recently on a local exploring mission I encountered two radically different approaches to the retail medium. One, a treasure trove of found objects where the most rewarding discoveries come from not knowing what you’re looking for. The other, a meticulously organized creative playground for the minds of children and their parents. While both were certainly memorable they illustrated the drastically different mentality of two distinct groups of shoppers, people that believe great retail experiences come with hard work and dedication, and people that, well, want shopping to be easy.

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Fabulous Window Displays

If you have ever wandered through a Louis Vuitton store, you know that every detail has been thought out and a luxurious journey awaits you.  The new store on Bond Street in London is no different. However, the window displays themselves draw you in immediately. Read more of this post

Fishs Eddy

On a recent trip to New York, I was thrilled to revisit one of my favorite stores, Fishs Eddy. Located at 889 Broadway, the retailer originated as a small shop near Gramercy Park. While on a buying trip nearly twenty five years ago, the owners passed a small town in Upstate New York called Fishs Eddy, and borrowed the name for their store. Original merchandise included dishes from roadside diners, hotels, and country clubs. 

The visual presentation in the store is nothing short of inspiring. Tables, buckets, and bins are abundant with terrific household merchandise, with clever signs perched above. It’s impossible to leave the store without purchasing something! 

The store is fun, funky, and quirky, with a great selection of both basic and unique items. Check out their website, or better yet, their store.