Maker’s Faire


The White House recently announced the 2016 National Week of Making (June 17-23). Inspired by the event, our FRCH Maker’s Faire showcased the work of many of our talented and skilled colleagues.

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Roller Derby Takes Over Historic Emery Theatre for Final Friday

The Emery Theatre, situated in the heart of Cincinnati’s theater district in Over-the-Rhine, is opening its doors to the Cincinnati Rollergirlst for a special screening of the new documentary Derby, Baby!. The theater, originally designed in 1911 by Harvey E. Hannaford, stood uninhabited for nearly a decade until 2008 when Tina Manchise and Tara Lindsay Gordon founded The Requiem project to raise funds for its rehabilitation. Although currently only open for special events, the space exhibits great architectural potential and opportunities for the Cincinnati community.

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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

I love this mesmerizing new photo series by Natsumi Hayashi. The images are playful and yet filled with tension as your brain attempts to make sense of the mysteriously hovering woman. I’ve collected a few of my favorites here, but everyone should take a second to visit her site and partake in the fantasy.

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Birds Eye View

It’s gorgeous outside today! Over my lunch break I FINALLY took the time to check out the vantage point atop Cincinnati’s skyline staple, Carew Tower. All I had on me was my handy camera phone, so it is what it is…

Fashion Week Inspiration

This past week was the ever frenzied, highly anticipated Fashion Week in NYC. While many will cover the collections, the designers, and of course the after parties, I found NY Magazine’s pre-coverage of the event to be a great prelude. Entitled 1oo Designers Reveal Their Spring 2011 Inspirations, NY Magazine takes a look at what inspired each designers collection this fall. I found it intriguing that very similar to my colleagues, the fashion designers pulled from all aspects of life: photography, architecture, mood boards, and some times random pieces—-For example, I am very curious to see what Narciso Rodriguez’s collection will look like, given the inspiration is a beetle. The inspirational selections seem to be dynamic, layered, colorful, and abstract. A post comparison by NY Magazine to the final fashion collections would make a great follow up piece.

Below are a few of my favorite inpirational pieces, but be sure to check out the full slide show at:

NY Magazines Slideshow: 100 Designers Reveal Their Spring 2011 Inspirations