Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls 2017, FRCH

This year a group of FRCH-ers got together to donate their time and talent to a local organization called Empty Bowls of Butler County.  The Empty Bowls concept started over 25 years ago in Michigan as an international project to fight hunger, personalized by artists and art organizations on a community level. People in the community contribute soup bowls that are individually painted and the finished products are then used as serving pieces for a fundraising meal of soup and bread. Contributing guests are then able to keep the empty bowls. Today Empty Bowls has grown to an innumerable number of events all over the country, benefiting numerous non-profits.

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Miami Design District – A Pattern Architect’s Dream

Miami Design District, FRCH Creative Fuel

For those who seek out unique architecture, love pattern as an environmental envelope or just enjoy unexpected inspiration — then be sure to visit Miami’s Design District. I have been fortunate enough to visit the district several times over the past few years, allowing me to see the environment evolve and grow, becoming more impressed upon each return visit. Filled with luxury shopping, boutique art galleries and exquisite furnishings, the Miami Design District has managed to create a destination focused on fashion, design and architecture. It’s a place of creative inspiration at every turn.

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Patterns in Design from the Old Country

Recently my wife and I traveled to Italy in search of inspiration and a much needed vacation.  We meandered through the cities of Rome, up to Venice and down to Sorrento with quite a few stops in between.  Our strolls often had no particular goal, save enjoying the afternoon and of course a good meal when the mood struck. Somewhere along the way I was intrigued by the patterns I was noticing in the simple parts and pieces of the urban forms.  Looking back at our trip photos I noticed a collection of the patterns as they banded together to create the larger urban core.  Here are a few of my favorites that build in complexity and scale.

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Retail in the Office

At first glance, this looks like a huge retail warehouse where you could spend the entire day shopping, kind of like an upscale Ikea.  In fact, it is actually Urban Outfitters’  corporate headquarters, Urban Inc. in Philadelphia. In my opinion, this makes it much more interesting and quite different from your normal retail warehouse. Read more of this post