Atelier des Lumieres

Just before I left for my recent tour in France, a good friend and lighting designer posted about the Atelier des Lumieres exhibit on facebook. Once I realized it was in Paris, I quickly bought my ticket online. So late one Saturday afternoon I hopped the Metro and arrived at Atelier des LumieresRead more of this post

Garden Couture

A couple of months ago, Raf Simon’s debuted his first couture collection for Christian Dior. The collection, of course, was beautifully filled with bold colors, retro shapes, and elegant details.  However, what really made me awestruck was the set itself. The show was set in a series of Parisian rooms enveloped with millions of gorgeous delicate flowers; each room came to life with an intensity of color.

See how all the details came together in the video below.

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‘Made You Look’… street art delights

In London and Paris, a multitude of Museums and Galleries house some of the most influential and amazing art in the world– but I’ve found, in both cities, the street art has an awe-inspiring and raw quality that is even more magnetic. For me, these pieces and the creativity they inspire span a gap between graffiti, street art and installation art and allow the streetscape to act as gallery.

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Paris Store Fronts

After scouring the floors of Euroshop, a team of FRCHers took a jaunt to Paris to gather further inspiration and soak in some of the worlds finest in retail, restaurant and hospitality design.  Read more of this post

EuroShop 2011

The FRCH team is back from EuroShop 2011, we are brimming with excitement over everything we saw and look forward to sharing inspiration!

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Tiny Details

Maybe it is just me, but Paris always seems to have the most intricate glamorous details, and the Podium 1 Jewelry Store is no exception. Instead of hiding all the details, each detail is celebrated in this 50 square meter store. The Moscow based design firm, One Over One, made sure every tiny detail was covered including: textured wallpaper, aged wood, and  “hand-tooled iron pulls.” Just like the rare handcrafted jewelry, this space is impossible to resist. I know I can’t help but want to pull down on a brass light fixture and peer into a curved glass vitrine, admiring all the sparkle that comes along with each exclusive watch, necklace, or bracelet. Is it the tiny details that catch your eye, or the big picture?

via TheCoolHunter