Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls 2017, FRCH

This year a group of FRCH-ers got together to donate their time and talent to a local organization called Empty Bowls of Butler County.  The Empty Bowls concept started over 25 years ago in Michigan as an international project to fight hunger, personalized by artists and art organizations on a community level. People in the community contribute soup bowls that are individually painted and the finished products are then used as serving pieces for a fundraising meal of soup and bread. Contributing guests are then able to keep the empty bowls. Today Empty Bowls has grown to an innumerable number of events all over the country, benefiting numerous non-profits.

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Great Scuffmaster Technique

From our friends at Singer Contract Group, some images of a nice Scuffmaster installation at a casino on the East Coast.  They used a brown Scrubtough as the base coat and then randomly painted a gold toned Envirometal over top…..

Advantages to this process – you still achieve the faux finish as well as the metallic quality, cleanability, durability and environmentally friendly paint!

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Play and Erase

For years, people have been looking for more options for their walls. Ways to make spaces more functional. This year at NeoCon, everyone saw a new option. Dry Erase Paint by IdeaPaint. This single-coat roller-applied paint transforms surfaces into a dry-erase writing surface.

A few notes (from IdeaPaint’s website):

Tested and designed to work with all industry-standard dry-erase markers.

Should be cleaned with a standard dry-erase eraser or a dry cloth after each use. For periodic and more thorough cleaning, a damp cloth may be used.

Will be a high quality dry-erase surface 7 days after it is applied. IdeaPaint can be applied to any smooth surface.

IdeaPaint has been given a 5-year limited warranty. It is only available in white.

Distributed in the US by MDC Wallcoverings!

New – Durable Wall Finishes from MDC

From our friends at MDC Wallcoverings comes a new division, MDC Wall Finishes. Their wall finishes are all environmentally conscious and water-based. MDC will match any fan deck color and send samples fast.

Collections include:

  • Ceramic: durable finish with a ceramic enhanced formula
  • LiquaPearl: single component coating with a pearlescent effect
  • MicroTex: micro-textured multicolor finish

Binder is available in the Library.

Shine Like It Does


Looking for that super-hot super-glossy white paint for an interior application? Well, check out Porter (PPG) Paints “Wet Look White”. Product Number: 36448. It truly is a smooth, white, high-gloss enamel finish. Super pretty. You must come check out the samples in the Library.

Why Use Lead in Paint?

Great article on Slate.com about why manufacturers use lead paint. To sum it up:

“Because it’s bright, durable, flexible, fast-drying, and cheap. Paint manufacturers mix in different lead compounds depending on the color of the paint. Lead chromates, for example, can enhance a yellow or orange hue. Municipal workers often use lead paint because it resists the color-dimming effects of ultraviolet light: The double yellow line in the middle of the road? That’s loaded with lead. Paint manufacturers also add lead and other heavy metals to make paint stick better instead of flaking off. Price is also a factor: China mass-produces the stuff, and coloring agents like lead chromate are generally cheaper than organic pigments.”

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The Mythbusters Test Scuffmaster


First of all – sorry  about the font change.  I didn’t have the energy to re-type this previously posted verbage.

In 2007, The Resource Design scientists at FRCH will be performing hands-on testing of material myths. We call these the ‘Resource Design Mythbusters Challenges’.

The first Challenge was held in conjunction with our friends at Singer Wallcoverings and tested Scuffmaster on-site application.

The Myth: The Mythbusters have had reports that on-site application is troublesome for contractors. Due to Scuffmaster’s wide array of color and finish options this is problematic for designers who wish to specify the product for their projects. Scuffmaster advises that you can apply their basic ScrubTough paint finish on-site by several techniques; brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

Singer Wallcoverings provided us with paint, tools and an application expert to help us test techniques.

Each Mythbuster tested both methods themselves. The application of the paint in both methods was easy, even for novices.

The Results: The Mythbusters conclude that Scuffmaster is easy to apply on-site when the proper process is followed. In addition, the availability of Scuffmaster experts to assist in on-site contractor training makes it a specifiable product.