Big Apple Air

Nike Big Air, FRCH Creative Fuel

You’re not exactly sure what you’re seeing when you walk down Spring Street in Soho and stumble upon a series of windows filled with shelves of white milk jugs, spray bottles and skateboard decks … all with small black, old-school Nike logos printed on each one. It’s enough to make you stop in your tracks, find the door and go in. Once inside you realize it’s Nike’s new 5-story flagship concept. Read more of this post

Chronicle of a Tweenage Shopper

Chronicle 00 In July of last year we celebrated my son’s twelfth birthday with the gift of a $100 Nike gift card. Sawyer has always had a preoccupation with athletic footwear, so I naively thought this would be a simple process.  The journey started with his constant review of the site and his frustration in the limited options that fit in his price range. After re-setting Sawyer’s expectation that a $175 customized NikeiD shoe was not going to happen, after his scouring every website to abide by his father’s ridiculous limitation and after visiting the Nike outlet store to try to find something to fit the needs of this burgeoning footwear fashionista and the laughably rigid $100 budget of a dad who wants to somehow set some boundaries for this young man, he decided to wait and see what had in the pipeline for the holiday season.  Read more of this post