The Making of Harry Potter

FRCH Creative Fuel, The Making of Harry Potter

Back in 2000 an enterprising production team made its way to a UK film studio. The idea was based on a book about a young boy with a lighting-bolt-shaped scar who learns that he is a wizard. Hundreds of talented individuals brought to life a decade worth of productions for the Harry Potter films, based on seven enchanted books by beloved author JK Rowling. Read more of this post

How to Make a Pirate Cannon: Part Two

Now that you have a full size cannon, let’s build a smaller rail mounted cannon.  With Halloween around the corner, you can never have too many pirate props.

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Theme Park Props “Skeleton Pirate”

 Some very unique and amazing props found in theme parks and themed environments are often made from ordinary and easy to find objects.  The skeleton pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride were not sculpted at Disney, but purchased from an anatomical company and dressed as pirates.

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How to Make a Pirate Cannon

Just in time for Christmas!  Intimidate family and friends with your very own realistic 18th century Pirate Cannon.

Below is a step by step tutorial.

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