Anila Quayyum Agha

Anila Quayyum Agha, Cincinnati Art Musem

The FRCH Creative Culture Committee took some lucky FRCH-ers on a field trip last week to the Cincinnati Art Museum to experience the art of Pakistani-American artist Anila Quayyum Agha. The exhibit entitled, All the Flowers Are for Me (Red), was created using laser-cut steel and light. Light emanates from the red lacquered cube, enveloping the gallery in intricate shadows that ripple and change as visitors move through the space. A few FRCH-ers share their reactions to the stunning display: Read more of this post


Casamidy has a new website!

Casamidy is a furniture manufacture in San Miguel de Allenda, Mexico, their design objective is to combine contemporary design with traditional artisan methods. Here are a few of our favorite pieces combining metalwork and leather techniques.

Symi Lantern, shown in nickel plated and black powdercoat


Almidi Side Table, shown in Metal 1 (Casamidy offers custom colors!)


Symi Chair, solid oak with leather straps


Altamura Handle Stool, 1” tubular iron with leather handle detail


Ixelles Settee


Collier III Center Table, wrought iron with hand cut gold leaf tin chains

Metal Woodz

New from Moz Metals, Metal Woodz. From their website: “Metal Woodz are aluminum sheets hand etched with a fine-grain or a coarse-grain pattern. We apply a series of color gradations resulting in a deep rich texture. Our wood grains and warm tones have been carefully chosen to match virtually any décor.”

Can be used for column covers, wall panels, artwork, elevator interiors, ceilings, canopies and room dividers. They are ideal for curved installations where laminates and veneers are not applicable. Available in European Beech, Brazilian Cherry and Honduran Mahogany.

Samples are on their way.

Cool Iron

Robinson Iron creates beautiful original and reproductions made of iron. Their latest newsletter shared photos of the completion of their project in Texas, the Old Red Courthouse.


From website: “Whether it is the restoration of an historic fountain by the J. L. Mott Company or the casting of an entirely new façade our foundry craftsmen combine a special touch of art with problem solving skills to produce the extraordinary.”

See photos of the fabrication process for this project here.

New Woven Metal Resource

The Library has received samples and information from K5 Design Source on woven metals. The samples include both woven flexible weaves and architectural panels. K5 Designs offers 9 flexible screens and 5 architectural weaves, all are non-corroding and low maintenance.

From K5: “Our materials have a long life span, are inherently sustainable, help conserve energy by filtering light and air, is 100% recyclable and manufactured responsibly”.


We have worked with K5 on previous projects and have found them to be a good and helpful resource. Thanks for the suggestion Abby Jahnigen! They also show some textiles on their website which we will have samples of soon.

Spice Up That Elevator

New installation images from Moz Designs of their solution for elevator lobby and interior finishes.