EuroShop 2017: Paustian House

Paustian House, Copenhagen
Foreword: Every 3 years, 100,000+ visitors flock to an international destination to experience all things retail. Hailed as the “Global Retail Trade Fair,” EuroShop covers all things retail related, from store design to visual merchandising. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the event offers 17 exhibition halls within 19 different buildings.  A group of lucky FRCH-ers made the trip this year and will be sharing global trends and inspiration from the conference and nearby travel all week!

Today, we had the opportunity to visit the Paustian House on the waterfront in Copenhagen. A curated “House” (as they call the showroom) includes exquisitely designed and crafted furniture – Paustian’s own pieces, as well as well known designer brands like Knoll and Vitra. Read more of this post

GlobalShop 2016: Some Of My Favorite Things

GlobalShop 2016, FRCH Creative Fuel

Last week I traveled with several FRCH-ers to Las Vegas to attend the 2016 GlobalShop trade show. It was my first experience to this particular show and I wasn’t disappointed. While I’m a veteran of NeoCon, this was an entirely different experience. Read more of this post

The Future of Retail Lighting

The possibilities of retail lighting in the future and the implications and opportunities that it could transform the customer’s shopping experience are exciting to imagine. Philips Lighting Headquarters showcases a lighting lab to explore the potential ways customers may interact and respond to lighting. Read more of this post

Start Spreading the News!

I am so excited to spread the news; Lonny has a new website and blog! We are huge fans of the online magazine, and their blog promises to be a valuable resource of furniture, pattern and color inspiration.

Be sure to meet their blog editors here!

Photos credit Isa Salazar for Lonny

Pur & Simple Retail Signage

Canadian furniture retailer Maison Corbeil implements stunningly simple signage elements that make the retail experience at moments feel like a day at the spa.

Utilizing internal lighting and simple typography—the integrated signage solutions are highly impactful without  overwhelming the space—and remind me of what I love about the branding of another successful furniture retailer Crate & Barrel.

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No seriously, this Cooperative Credit Bank by Studio Kuadra IS off the chains.  They took a fairly simple typology, a branch bank, stripped it down to the essentials, and executed the design in a very minimalistic manner.  To add a little bling back into the design, the box is embellished by a scrim of chains.  Apparently they give off a gentle rhythm of chiming when the wind blows and offer glimmering reflections and refractions of light to both the exterior observer as well as the interor space. The clean execution of lighting in this project is noteworthy as well.  Kudos Kuadra, for rethinking the typical bank and adding a fun, modern, and inspiring quality to the guest experience.

Props to Archdaily for imagery and info.

Tress by Marc Sadler for Foscarini

Launched at Milan Design Week 2009, ‘Tress’ by March Sadler for Foscarini, is made from interwoven threads that have been soaked in resin and cast in a long cylinder. This woven technique allows for playful light and shadows and celebrates the texture of the fiber.