EuroShop 2017: Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz

Charlotte Jewelry, Cologne, Germany

Foreword: Every 3 years, 100,000+ visitors flock to an international destination to experience all things retail. Hailed as the “Global Retail Trade Fair,” EuroShop covers all things retail related, from store design to visual merchandising. Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, the event offers 17 exhibition halls within 19 different buildings.  A group of lucky FRCH-ers made the trip this year and will be sharing global trends and inspiration from the conference and nearby travel all week!

Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz is a beautiful little jewelry shop in Cologne, designed 25 years ago by architect Reinhart Angelis. The unique interior concrete show-window displays can be rearranged via a simple cable and beam system. Read more of this post

Maker’s Faire


The White House recently announced the 2016 National Week of Making (June 17-23). Inspired by the event, our FRCH Maker’s Faire showcased the work of many of our talented and skilled colleagues.

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Portrait of an Artist: Justine Dennis

During a recent trip to Louisville, KY, some friends and I stopped by an art fair in Speed, IN.  The booths presented everything from wooden kitchen utensils, to pottery and paintings. But for me, a collection of colorful and unique hats was the most memorable. As soon as I passed Justine Dennis’s booth, a quirky cherry pie hat made me smile.

When I stepped inside, I was enamored with her fiber necklaces. Before I knew it, my friend and I were trying on everything within arm’s reach.

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Tiny Details

Maybe it is just me, but Paris always seems to have the most intricate glamorous details, and the Podium 1 Jewelry Store is no exception. Instead of hiding all the details, each detail is celebrated in this 50 square meter store. The Moscow based design firm, One Over One, made sure every tiny detail was covered including: textured wallpaper, aged wood, and  “hand-tooled iron pulls.” Just like the rare handcrafted jewelry, this space is impossible to resist. I know I can’t help but want to pull down on a brass light fixture and peer into a curved glass vitrine, admiring all the sparkle that comes along with each exclusive watch, necklace, or bracelet. Is it the tiny details that catch your eye, or the big picture?

via TheCoolHunter