Samsung’s “Non-store”

Samsung Flagship NYC, FRCH Creative FuelSamsung’s new “non-store” store experience recently opened in NYC as an experiential brand space that allows users to see and explore the latest products and innovations from the Korean brand. Guests are greeted by a Samsung host, available to answer any questions or point them in the right direction. The first level is all about the brand experience. From the huge video screen/amphitheater, to the glass DJ booth and VR pods, it sets up a very emotional and exciting experience from start to finish. Read more of this post

The Heineken Experience


Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Heineken Experience is a museum that celebrates the brand’s rich brewing history. The museum itself is located inside of the first Heineken brewery, which was established in 1867. I found my experience at the museum to be very positive due to the overall design of all the different exhibits as well as the interactive and communal aspects of the tour. I would recommend this tour for your next visit to Amsterdam and the best part is it’s only 18€ for several hours of fun! Read more of this post

Google Daily Delight

In order to celebrate Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google has transformed their logo into a guitar. Moving your mouse over the strings allows you to strum the guitar and make chords. They’ve also included a record button so that you can play back the music you create.

By changing their logo on a daily basis, Google creates a reason to revisit their site – I never know what to expect but on days like today I am pleasantly surprised to come across a fun interactive element that puts a smile on my face. I think retail, hospitality and service brands can learn from this approach, embracing change and incorporating a daily element of surprise and delight will keep customers coming back.

The guitar logo will only be up today so I suggest you go get your Google on!

Retail Technology

From hi-tech to low-tech, there’s loads of technology available for the retail space. But as you know, technology for technologies sake isn’t cutting it with savvy consumers who are looking for functional applications that offer up relevant information or an entertainment value that enriches the shopping experience.

This selection represents a few of my current favorite technologies with retail implications.

The Adidas store in Paris uses technology to help create highly customized products built to the specifications of each customer. It shows how technology can enhance product engineering and important attributes like fit and function, on top of style.

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