Hatch Show Print

I’m embarassed to admit that we have 2 Hatch posters rolled up in a tube at home. It wasn’t until I personally experienced the history and craftsmanship of each poster’s production that I realized why my husband had been so enthusiastic about this artwork, brought home years ago.

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Feed Me, Findlay

I’m always amazed at the number of Cincinnati and northern Kentuckians that I meet who have never been to Findlay Market. If you’re looking for an inspirational experience  to start your weekend, this is the place to go on a Saturday morning.

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Eleven Paris is a 10

One of the standout shops I encountered while visiting across the pond was Eleven Paris. Their store design is youthful and edgy with playful, bold details that mimic the brands clothing. Read more of this post

‘Made You Look’… street art delights

In London and Paris, a multitude of Museums and Galleries house some of the most influential and amazing art in the world– but I’ve found, in both cities, the street art has an awe-inspiring and raw quality that is even more magnetic. For me, these pieces and the creativity they inspire span a gap between graffiti, street art and installation art and allow the streetscape to act as gallery.

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Hotel Stays Should Be Fun!

So what makes a hotel stay fun?

There are a lot of ways for a hotel to make your experience memorable.  Sometimes, when we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we can elevate an experience and create something worth talking about.  The Wildwood Inn  is pretty overt (and part of my past life long before FRCH) – and may not be to everyone’s taste.  However, fun can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Read more of this post

For the Love of the Game

Some sports enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny to enjoy their favorite pastime. Check out the video courtesy of Co. Design Daily of “A Modernist’s Foosball Table”, priced at a mere $68,000. The foosball table marries the personal passion for the game with high design. Whether or not you are a fan of foosball, one must appreciate the attention to detail in this piece. Click here to see the video.

Impeccable Detail

While strolling through the streets of London recently looking for the latest and greatest retail and hospitality venues, some colleagues and I stumbled upon the doors of a hidden gem, Tsunami Kitchens. Their mantra is “life.style.” and style they deliver in the most refined manner.

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