Beyond The Earbuds | April 2017


What’s up gang! What’s it been like 2 years since the last installment? For shame! After a sizeable group of FRCHers reached out for the Annual Breakfast playlist, I decided to BEE more productive and get this thing rolling again. It will now move to a monthly installment, and each monthly playlist will be available on Spotify! Alrighty then, let’s see what clutch tunage your coworkers hand picked for the month of April!

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What is Creative?

How would you define Creative?


Happy New Year From FRCH!

Wishing you a New Year filled with Joy, Hope, Cheer and Love!


How Did You Spend Your Time Off?

Hats Off to FRCH Design Worldwide!  In order to show appreciation and celebrate our hard work, FRCH rewarded all of us with a wonderful surprise:  an additional day off after the July 4 Holiday. The catch?  We were asked to document our day to share with the rest of the firm.  This was a day to be inspired, to recharge our spirits and share our stories.  Check out these slices of inspiration that represent all of those that make FRCH great!

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Happy Holidays 2012!

We wish you a Happy Holiday and colorful New Year full of creative inspiration.

Happy doodling!


Architecture and Fashion Collide with United Nude Footwear

The architecturally-inspired footwear of United Nude proves that artists and designers who seek inspiration from sources outside of their disciplines can yield captivating results. UN’s shoe designs stand out through unique concepts and details that push the boundaries of footwear in terms of form, structure, and materiality. Read more of this post

World Choir Games 2012

The City of Cincinnati is dressed in its best to host the 2012 World Choir Games, currently underway in venues throughout the city.  The World Choir Games began in 2000 and is the largest choir competition in the world.  Its motto is “Singing Together Brings Nations Together”.  This week, Cincinnati becomes the first city in the USA to host the event, which has previously been hosted in Austria, South Korea, Germany and China.  A quick walk through downtown today was truly inspirational.  I’m so proud of my city I had to write about it!

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