March of Robots

March of Robots - Elliot LucasEvery March artists and illustrators around the country participate in a drawing challenge called March of Robots. The challenge is simple, design and draw one robot for each day of the month and then post it to social media. Drawing a robot each morning was a great way to kick start my creative energy and to work on my illustration and inking technique. Over the course of the 31 days I strived to make each design unique and looked to a variety of references for inspiration. Below is the complete collection of robots from the month long challenge. For more details check out @elliotlucasart on Instagram.
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Adding People to a Rendering

Adding People to Renderings, Creative FuelWhy add people?  On a practical note, they add a sense of scale.  On an emotional level, they allow the client to see the space being used and it gives the project life and interest.   Read more of this post

Color and Light Workshop with James Gurney

Over the long 4th of July weekend, I attended a workshop by artist and illustrator James Gurney at the Carriage House Art Studios in the Hudson River Valley of New York.

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Letterpress for Success

I visited Yee Haw Industries over the weekend and discovered a paradise of typography, music, illustration and the elegant art of collection organization.

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Handmade Hand-Lettering

I recently participated in an online design event of which the focus was to create poster concepts that promoted sustainable living. I took the opportunity to practice my hand-lettering and typographic illustration. Below is a small peak into my process. Read more of this post

James Gurney’s Lecture

As I mentioned at the FRCH Annual Breakfast, James Gurney, Author and Illustrator extraordinaire, will speak about his work and expertise here at FRCH.  This will be an extremely informative and inspirational session and we are truly excited to have this opportunity, which is being coordinated through FRCH’s Training and Development Committee.

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Renderings That Launched Empires

Visualizing a project is a vital part of design.  Communicating a concept well gives the client and design team confidence to move forward in a constructive and inspired way.

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