Hanging Around

Being part of the Hospitality Studio, I am always interested in staying at unique and different lodging experiences when traveling. So, on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest with my husband and friends, we journeyed a little further north than originally planned to spend the night in sphere tree houses. It was definitely worth it! Read more of this post

Preservation Meets Hospitality

While I was in Baltimore this past holiday weekend, I got a chance to walk through Kevin Plank’s, newly opened, boutique hotel, The Sagamore Pendry. Plank is the CEO of Under Armour, which is also headquartered in Baltimore. The headquarters sits right across the Harbour looking straight at what was once a deteriorating pier, now Plank has turned it into a new luxury hotel. Read more of this post

Some Of Our Favorite Things … From HD Expo

HD Expo, Las Vegas Earlier this month a group of lucky FRCH-ers took to the floors of The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, to attend this year’s Hospitality Design Expo (HD Expo) conference. This three day show offers a glimpse into the most innovative products and services in the hospitality industry. Read more of this post

The Hotel of the Future?

In our work, we often try to infuse our projects with the latest thinking in our industry. In the realm of hospitality, we have introduced regional character and elements of authenticity into every project we do. This idea that a hotel is a reflection of its place can be elusive – but what if the hotel IS the place? What if you can become part of the city – rather than just a visitor.

In Italy, this has happened. Hoteliers have created Albergo diffusos – diffused hotels – in small and midsized towns. The concept is that the rooms and public spaces are scattered throughout the village, yet all the amenities that you would expect from luxury accommodations are present.

Sextantio may be the ultimate expression of this idea. Nestled in an Italian Hilltop, this medieval town has reinvented itself as luxury lodging. The guest experience is absolutely unique, and the concept has caught on. Currently, there are at least 2 dozen Albergo Diffusos in Italy.

Beyond planning a great European vacation, how is this relevant? The concept does not need to be unique to Italy. Imagine an Albergo Diffuso in Brooklyn, or even Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine. Virtually any walkable district with dining and shopping nearby would be a candidate, and has the potential to create an unforgettable experience.