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What is FRCH 50?  Simply put, a company is only as good as its people. Which is why it’s safe to say we’re a pretty remarkable company. Our passion for our work and creativity is echoed in how we celebrate – unexpected, dramatic, but always fun! We’ve transformed our back lot into a farmyard (complete with animals), created a music festival pop-up in OTR, and hosted a karaoke happy hour in our lobby (it was for a good cause). We have employees that have met their spouses, raised their children and started a lifelong career here. Our mantra ‘See Something New’ is embedded in our culture – we don’t always get along, but we challenge each other with differing perspectives and celebrate originality.

Which is why, as we turn 50 this year, it only seems appropriate to celebrate our people. The people who have not only made their mark on FRCH, but those who have been transformed by FRCH in the process. Happy Anniversary FRCH!  Read more of this post

Making a Nightstand Mock-up for Hilton


As Tru by Hilton continues to evolve, questions come up from time to time regarding functionality.  The table circled in the rendering above fits the style of Tru, but is it large enough to function as a nightstand?  A detailed mock-up was needed to answer that question.  Remember, hundreds of these nightstands will be made, so we need to get it right the first time.  Here’s the build process. Read more of this post

What Does Social Media Do for Hotels?

The folks here at FRCH are very proud to finally see the grand opening of the new Home2 suites. This is a project that has been near and dear to us since its inception almost 3 years ago. We have been excited to have been part of that process since the beginning, and continue to partner with Hilton to define this new brand.

Being a Facebook user, I was interested to see how Hilton’s new “hip and humble’ hotel brand would use social media as a marketing tool.

Read more of this post