Fast Food Goes Organic

Amys Drive Thru, FRCH Creative Fuel

While attending a wedding this past weekend in Santa Rosa, California, I did a double take when I drove by a drive-thru restaurant with grass growing from the roof and a water tower in the lawn. I quickly recognized the Amy’s logo – not because of my familiarity with the restaurant, but from the numerous Amy’s products (from soups to frozen pizza) I’ve consumed over the years. Read more of this post

Nature + Architecture

It’s become a tradition to spend a couple days of my holiday vacation camping in Red River Gorge—this year I traded a tent for a treehouse. And not just a shed a few feet off the ground—Observatory Treehouse is an off-the-grid 4-level piece of art suspended in a cliff side. Read more of this post

The Green Room


ForewordOn Friday, August 8th FRCH challenged our entire team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. We divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours. The winning concept will be implemented at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival starting September 25th. Because of the inspired, original results we received, we will be sharing all 8 concepts over the next several weeks on Creative Fuel. 

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In the Limelight

Limelight Marketplace opened in early May 2010 on the corner of 20th Street at 6th Avenue in New York. Labeled as New York’s “Festival of Shops”, the space is a celebration of old and new. Built in 1844, the building is a deconsecrated Gothic Revival brownstone, the former Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.

The three floors  of coffee shops, stores, and restaurants include MariBelle Chocolates, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Caswell-Massey, Brocade Home, Havaianas, and Hunter Boots.

With it’s soaring arches, grand windows, and revived spirit, you have to love and respect this adaptive reuse and preservation of history!


Dune it Again!

Toronto based Urbanproduct is an industrial design studio focused on developing affordable and ecologically aware products. They have created Dune, a collection of sculptural wall tiles available in concrete, wood and ceramic. Tiles are finished with soya-based and natural pigments and can be used indoors and out.

We love dimensional tiles, and anything that promises to be affordable will certainly be a favorite in the studio!


Dune Wall Treatment in concrete


Dune Wall Treatment in ceramic

Textured Reclaimed Wood

This product from Stone Source is simply stunning.

There are five textures on seven types of wood salvaged from a range of sties including barns and cabins. By using wood from deconstructed buildings, over 90% of the site’s reclaimable material can be salvaged for this product.


StoneSource_Reclaimed Wood

New England Hemlock (left) Sculpted American Chestnut

StoneSource_Burnished Wide Pine

Burnished Wide Pine

StoneSource_Raked Purple Poplar

Raked Purple Poplar

StoneSource_reclamation site

Reclamation Site