Creativity Practice

Sometimes when I feel like I’m experiencing imaginative stagnation – or if I’m just bored while waiting for the serving staff to deliver my meal – I search for a way to kick-start my creativity. My mother and I used to scribble on the back of paper place mats to give each other some doodle direction. We would turn the paper until we could see an image in the scribble, and then we would develop another place mat masterpiece. I later upgraded this practice to scribbling with watercolor paint because it allows me to better see where my artwork originated. I have since called this practice technique “Blobbing.” It is a great exercise to strengthen your visual mind, and to keep you keen on spontaneity. If you have ever spent some time lying in a field making shapes out of the clouds, then you will know exactly what to do. Read more of this post

FRCH Wins 2012 Herman Miller & APG Good Design Challenge!

Recently, a team of FRCH’ers joined 13 other local design firms to participate in Herman Miller & APG’s Good Design Challenge. Each team was presented with the iconic Eames molded plastic chair and asked, “What Inspires You?”

The only rules were that the base must remain attached to the chair. Any and all transformations were fair game and the end results were a little bit of everything.

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Meet FRCH: An Interview With Paul Lechleiter, CCO

Paul Lechleiter, FRCH’s Chief Creative Officer and Partner has been adding his bold personality and energetic passion for design to FRCH since 1996. This past week, Paul took a break from his eventful schedule to discuss with me his thoughts on design, the creative process, and FRCH.

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Street Art Inspiration

Those of us who have visual minds find that although we dream in color, there is one fact that is inherently black and white. We are cursed to picture things in our mind that we would rather not – but on the flip-side we are blessed to have the ability to envision a draft-worthy product before we even have the materials ready to sketch. Some visual-minded individuals, like Nikita Nomerz of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, are blessed to see things that do not exist, and have the ability to bring them to life. Nomerz has brilliantly personified a collection of towers, dilapidated buildings, and deteriorating urban spaces by forcing us all to see what he sees. Read more of this post

Midpoint Music Festivities Recapped

Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood radiated with energy as the 10th annual Midpoint Music Festival hosted over 100 local and touring acts this past weekend. With 17 official stages and numerous unofficial events, the city experienced some amazing music and festivities over the 3-day occasion.

(above :: The Midpoint Midway, photo via

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‘Made You Look’… street art delights

In London and Paris, a multitude of Museums and Galleries house some of the most influential and amazing art in the world– but I’ve found, in both cities, the street art has an awe-inspiring and raw quality that is even more magnetic. For me, these pieces and the creativity they inspire span a gap between graffiti, street art and installation art and allow the streetscape to act as gallery.

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Hotel Stays Should Be Fun!

So what makes a hotel stay fun?

There are a lot of ways for a hotel to make your experience memorable.  Sometimes, when we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we can elevate an experience and create something worth talking about.  The Wildwood Inn  is pretty overt (and part of my past life long before FRCH) – and may not be to everyone’s taste.  However, fun can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Read more of this post