Sweet LA

Duffs Cake Mix, Los Angeles

For every “fresh”, “vegan” and “farm to table” concept in Los Angeles, you will find a cupcake shop, cookie stand, or gourmet bakery to match it (… of course with a Soul Cycle in between). While each one is typically executed in trendy interior design cues, contemporary branding and graphic design, and usually a gesture of visual merchandising – more often than not, the “experience” leaves a lot to be desired. That said, upon a recent trip to LA I stumbled upon two unique “sweet concepts” that allow the experience to transcend the sweet treats themselves (albeit very good in their own right).  Read more of this post

SOULFUL FOOD… Tobias Harris and the food around him

Noryangjin Fish Market: A LUNCH TO REMEMBER

Now more than ever it is a big deal for the Wangsadihardja family to have a meal together. We grew up sharing at least breakfast and/or dinner together. It is a time for us to say our grace, share our dreams, and communicate about our activities during the day. Having dinner in front of the TV was never an option for me growing up. And to this day, it will never happen.  Ever!

Being so far away from each other, my family regards our once in a blue moon dining experience as sacred. During our most recent family vacation to Seoul in September, we had a superb and unforgettable lunch at the Noryangjin Fish Market. Read more of this post