Samsung’s “Non-store”

Samsung Flagship NYC, FRCH Creative FuelSamsung’s new “non-store” store experience recently opened in NYC as an experiential brand space that allows users to see and explore the latest products and innovations from the Korean brand. Guests are greeted by a Samsung host, available to answer any questions or point them in the right direction. The first level is all about the brand experience. From the huge video screen/amphitheater, to the glass DJ booth and VR pods, it sets up a very emotional and exciting experience from start to finish. Read more of this post

Museu Do Futebol


The Museu Do Futebol in Sao Paulo, Brazil beautifully celebrates the history of Brazilian soccer, with special focus on the five FIFA World Cup wins. Housed in the grand old Pacaembu Stadium, there is a great deal of simple storytelling that goes beyond just the statistics of scores and teams. Visiting the museum really helps one to understand Brazil’s passion and pride for their sport. Read more of this post

The New Era of Super Hero Films

CF_hero1Hollywood is nothing if not predictable when it comes to bringing us a re-launch, sequel, franchise or “reboot” of a story that will be box-office-safe. There have been plenty of super hero “flicks” (calling them films seems inappropriate) that turn comic book stories into jokes, feature costumes that look like they were purchased at a convenience store, and set designs that may or may not have been a school’s craft project. However, studios are now bringing us a new and powerful era of super hero films that do more than deserve our attention, they demand it. Read more of this post