Fast Food Goes Organic

Amys Drive Thru, FRCH Creative Fuel

While attending a wedding this past weekend in Santa Rosa, California, I did a double take when I drove by a drive-thru restaurant with grass growing from the roof and a water tower in the lawn. I quickly recognized the Amy’s logo – not because of my familiarity with the restaurant, but from the numerous Amy’s products (from soups to frozen pizza) I’ve consumed over the years. Read more of this post

Sweet LA

Duffs Cake Mix, Los Angeles

For every “fresh”, “vegan” and “farm to table” concept in Los Angeles, you will find a cupcake shop, cookie stand, or gourmet bakery to match it (… of course with a Soul Cycle in between). While each one is typically executed in trendy interior design cues, contemporary branding and graphic design, and usually a gesture of visual merchandising – more often than not, the “experience” leaves a lot to be desired. That said, upon a recent trip to LA I stumbled upon two unique “sweet concepts” that allow the experience to transcend the sweet treats themselves (albeit very good in their own right).  Read more of this post

Fast Company NY: How to Strengthen Your Customer Experience

Fast Company, Innovation Festival, NYC, FRCH Creative Fuel

Fast Company’s 2nd annual Innovation Festival brought together an amazing line-up of innovative thinkers-and-doers from across a wide spectrum of industries. Of particular interest was a session with Danny Meyer of the Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) and Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, to discuss the impact of technology on customer experience, both in retail and restaurants. Along with creating a stimulating discussion on the topic of technology, the conversation also highlighted the growing importance of a “hospitality” mindset far beyond the world of restaurants and hotels. Read more of this post

A History Of Collaboration


It seems like just yesterday I scrounged up enough money (probably better spent toward college textbooks…) to purchase a cherry-printed Luella Bartley wristlet from Target as part of their first – and much anticipated – GO International program. Officially launching in 2006, on the heels of the success of Issac Mizrahi for Target, the campaign featured a different high-end designer each season that would create an exclusive, limited-time and obviously lower-priced, collection for Target. Read more of this post



I just signed up for Birchbox and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy receiving good mail, especially now that my magazine subscriptions are delivered digitally. The box is very well designed – everything is branded and the little details make the curated package feel like it really was especially prepared for me. All the products within it are very well designed too, making this a perfect package for a graphic designer to receive! Read more of this post

Brand Strategy: Following the NFL Playbook

The NFL is an $8 billion sports entertainment industry with over 185 million American customers … even with changing technology and constant controversies, how does the NFL brand stay so successful?

nfl - american flag

1st Down: Know Your Core Audience – As American As Apple Pie
The NFL sweats red, white & blue …they have strategically aligned themselves with partnerships like United Way, where for over 35 years owners, players and staff have been working to “strengthen America’s communities”.  After 9/11, the NFL made the conscious decision to cancel all games, losing millions, but that small act of humility stayed true to the brand they wanted to portray. Since then, troop support has become ubiquitous with NFL games from military flyovers to actual pregame shows recorded from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. In addition, the largest sponsors of the NFL are some of America’s most iconic brands: Pepsi, Papa Johns, Visa, General Motors and Anheuser-Busch (soda, pizza, money, cars and beer … nothing more American).  More so, the NFL practically owns Thanksgiving (arguably the most american holiday…) with its annual doubleheader, keeping guys out of the kitchen for over 90 years. Read more of this post