A Signature Experience | New Riff Distilling

The Signature Experiences series continues, our 2nd adventure was to visit New Riff Distilling, which opened a few years ago just across the river from our Cincinnati office. It is so young that their bourbon is still sleeping in barrels, and they are currently bottling other brands until they are ready to bottle their own bourbon. Read more of this post

The Heineken Experience


Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Heineken Experience is a museum that celebrates the brand’s rich brewing history. The museum itself is located inside of the first Heineken brewery, which was established in 1867. I found my experience at the museum to be very positive due to the overall design of all the different exhibits as well as the interactive and communal aspects of the tour. I would recommend this tour for your next visit to Amsterdam and the best part is it’s only 18€ for several hours of fun! Read more of this post

DIY, it’s happening now!

Live from downtown Cincinnati: We are celebrating the New Year with a wingding complete with food, drink, music and entertainment choices made by and for the people of FRCH.

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Creative Fuel Wing Ding-Poll #2 We Drink!

Now that we have your appetites aligned for eats, we need to determine what we’ll drink at our Creative Fuel Wing Ding.