The “Find Your Art” Results

FRCH, Artswave, Find Your Art, Chair Challenge

Two weeks ago we kicked off our #FindYourArt Chair Challenge – where volunteers from each FRCH studio put their creative minds (and hands) to work to benefit ArtsWave, by reimagining their canvas: a chair. Each studio was given $25 and only two weeks to transform their chair, which are now available for eBay bidding through this Thursday, March 23 at 4:00 pm. Please share the eBay listings below with friends and family (but note that local pickup is required).  Read more of this post

The “Find Your Art” Challenge

ArtsWave, FRCH Find Your Art

FRCH’s annual ArtsWave campaign is just around the corner! We hope to heighten awareness that Cincinnati is home to impressive art collections, spectacular theater and dance, memorable chef-inspired culinary experiences, and events that will entertain and stimulate. This year, we aim to inspire you to “Find Your Art” by celebrating all forms of art in our week long campaign to benefit ArtsWave. Read more of this post

ArtsWave 2012

For many years, FRCH has supported ArtsWave (formerly “Fine Arts Fund”) through annual awareness and fund raising campaigns.  This cause is near and dear to our hearts because ArtsWave is an organization that funds and collaborates with a wide range of local art institutions to support the entire arts community of Cincinnati.  Their mission is ‘to be a leader and regional catalyst that works to advance the vitality and vibrancy of Greater Cincinnati by mobilizing the creative energy of the entire community’.  That’s a mission we can all get behind.  Last week was dedicated to the arts as we ran our 2012 campaign to support ArtsWave, FRCH style!

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ArtsWave Campaign Recap

During the month of March we supported a cause near and dear to all of our hearts in the form of the annual ArtsWave (formerly Fine Arts Fund) campaign; an organization that funds and collaborates with a wide range of local art institutions to sustain our thriving arts community in Cincinnati. Read more of this post

Meet ArtsWave

It’s not often that one has the opportunity to mix their two biggest passions simultaneously. That is why it gives me the greatest pleasure to be FRCH’s campaign coordinator for ArtsWave this year, an opportunity that combines a strategic brand reinvention with the arts. As a strategist, I value brands that strive for greater consumer engagement, ones that have the courage to change, reinventing who they are in order to satisfy new audiences and broaden their mission. And as a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Choir: The May Festival, I am a music lover and am extremely grateful to live in a city with such a vibrant arts community. An arts community, I might add, that would not exist without ArtsWave, the foundation formerly known as The Fine Arts Fund. Read more of this post