Be Bright | Gap Falls Into Color

Fall is always colorful.  The leaves turn to bright shades of yellow and orange, crisp Macintosh apples glow a rich red, and the sky is full of bright blue.  Why then, should an autumn collection be void of all color? Exactly.  It shouldn’t. Read more of this post

Hatch Show Print

I’m embarassed to admit that we have 2 Hatch posters rolled up in a tube at home. It wasn’t until I personally experienced the history and craftsmanship of each poster’s production that I realized why my husband had been so enthusiastic about this artwork, brought home years ago.

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Puma’s New Playing Field

I was recently hipped to Puma’s new youth-targeted campaign celebrating the After Hours Athlete… and it’s so on-point! Read more of this post

Chipotle Goes For The Gold

Over the weekend I gave in to one of my biggest weaknesses: Chipotle burritos. As a long-time fan of the brand and its delicious (albeit addictive) food I knew exactly what to expect when I walked through the door and was ready to rattle off my order without glancing at the menu, when something behind the counter caught my eye. In place of the standard aluminum foil was a piece of shiny gold. At first I thought it might just be some kind of mistake, maybe they had run out of foil? But when I got to the cash wrap it became abundantly clear that as most Chipotle endeavors, this was a cleverly crafted brand statement “wrapped” up in a fun new marketing campaign. Read more of this post

What is the current Hospitality Fun Factor?

It’s the middle of January, and it’s been extremely cold and snowy here (at least for Cincinnati), so I thought I would see how our favorite hotel companies are willing to entice me for a long weekend away.  My wife and I like urban getaways, so I thought that I would check out offers in big US cities. What I found was rather interesting:

Most Brands offer the usual:  extra loyalty points, discount breakfasts, a bottle of wine, even the occasional free movie ticket.  As many of these offerings are similar, the big differentiater is how they are presented on the corporate website.  Kudos to Starwood and Hilton for having incentives that operate across the system.

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Ralph Lauren 4D

Telling an authentic brand story has always been a mantra for Ralph Lauren. Taking that brand story to the next level is what Ralph Lauren recently accomplished with stunning dynamism at its two iconic flagships in New York and London with digital mapping technology creating a 4D experience.

(be sure to watch the video)

(still image via

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Name that Voiceover…

Advertising agencies are elevating the level of ‘Branding’ in commercials these days, with the more widely accepted practice of employing key celebrities to do their voiceovers. An art in itself, casting the right voice – and often, more importantly, the right celebrity character’s voice, adds depth to these commercials that is almost on a subconscious level. If you emotionally connect with that character, can the simple use of his or her voice connect you to that product as well? Do you listen to the message more intently when ‘Don Draper’ tells you to love Mercedes?

Or when Mad Men’s ‘Roger Sterling’ sells the ‘Lincoln lifestyle’?

Or can you accept Cisco and the ‘Human Network’ as a forward-thinking, inspired company when paired with a youthful Ellen Page and a classroom full of globally connected children?

Then again, a few fall short… despite his presidential confidence – am I supposed to believe that Martin Sheen is the choice, or voice, of the ‘Next Generation’?

The bar has been set high and Brand’s need to be all the more aware of who their customers emotionally connect with… Trust me, we’re listening.

If you were a voiceover, which Brand would you be?