Happy 45th Anniversary, FRCH!

45 Anniversary Ballroom

Celebrating the past and looking forward to the future is something that runs deep in the cultural fabric here at FRCH.  This month we celebrated our 45th Anniversary with a beautiful event at the 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Cincinnati – recently named the #1 hotel in the United States by the  prestigious Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards.  The evening included great big band entertainment by Jack Garrett and the Syndicate and an extremely special cake prepared by our very own cake artist phenom, Adrianne Korczynski and cAKes Designed To Taste.

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How Did You Spend Your Time Off?

Hats Off to FRCH Design Worldwide!  In order to show appreciation and celebrate our hard work, FRCH rewarded all of us with a wonderful surprise:  an additional day off after the July 4 Holiday. The catch?  We were asked to document our day to share with the rest of the firm.  This was a day to be inspired, to recharge our spirits and share our stories.  Check out these slices of inspiration that represent all of those that make FRCH great!

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A Brief History of Construction Materials

Flickr image

Image via flickr.com

“There exists a dynamic exchange between the life of matter and the matter of our lives.”

-Reiser and Umemeto

Each material has its own unique way of acting and reacting with its environment. As designers we are responsible for creating the appropriate expression for each condition. Whether this is executed through scale, patterns, joinery, or structural articulation depends on the nature of the material itself. However, the complexity and sheer volume of today’s innovative products can make it seem like we need to be scientists to understand the behavior of many contemporary materials. This entry is part one of a series on unraveling that myth. As a designer by day and aspiring materials scientist by night, I hope to give some insight into how new materials behave and inspire ideas about how we can express these behaviors through design. In lieu of the 45th anniversary of FRCH, I thought it would be appropriate to start by taking a look back at the history of traditional building materials, and what was primarily available to work with when the firm started in 1968.

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1968 Revisited: Tech Blasts Off

Apollo 8In keeping with our theme this year of looking back at the year FRCH was founded and the evolution that has occurred since, I recently did a little research to learn more about what happened that year in addition to the well-known cultural and social changes that occurred.  Anyone who works with me would tell you I am NOT an expert in technology.  However, I am a believer in studying the past in order to better understand the present and the future – and in my research I quickly discovered that 1968 was a year that brought many advances in technology that continue to shape our lives today.  In those 12 months, while the country experienced social revolution, turmoil and great tragedy, some amazing advances in technology occurred at the same time.  Let the history lesson begin!

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How to Build a Faux Steam Locomotive Part 1

JupiterIn honor of the firm’s founding in 1968, let’s go back 100 years to 1868, the year the Jupiter Steam Locomotive (a recreation seen above)  was constructed by the Schenectady Locomotive Works.  It participated in the “Golden Spike Ceremony” officially opening the First Transcontinental Railroad. Read more of this post

45th Anniversary: 1968 Revisited

Earthrise“Earthrise” Image via: Nasa

This year FRCH celebrates its 45th anniversary. If you put those years in reverse you could watch how this company has evolved through ownership, name changes and office spaces. You would see the breadth of its creative power and you would see how this company helped shape the careers of hundreds of employees. And then you would arrive in the year 1968. Though most of us have a general sense of history, and can assemble in our minds an approximate timeline of major historical events, I would think it hard to name specific dates . . . even years. And the question is, who would really care? What good does it to recall our history? Better yet, what is so important about honoring certain dates, in this case, an Anniversary? If we can use the birth of FRCH as a microcosm, the answer may lie in understanding context. Read more of this post