The Carriage Roads of Acadia

Acadia National Park, FRCH Creative FuelSometime in January I got talked into going to see “National Parks Adventure” in Imax … I’m not sure if it was the soothing sound of Robert Redford’s narration (apparently Morgan Freeman was unavailable…), the catchy tune of James Bay’s ‘Hold Back The River’ or the feeling of being enveloped by the overwhelmingly beautiful scenery – most likely all three – but I suddenly had an overpowering urge to explore these seemingly untouched places. Read more of this post

Roller Derby Takes Over Historic Emery Theatre for Final Friday

The Emery Theatre, situated in the heart of Cincinnati’s theater district in Over-the-Rhine, is opening its doors to the Cincinnati Rollergirlst for a special screening of the new documentary Derby, Baby!. The theater, originally designed in 1911 by Harvey E. Hannaford, stood uninhabited for nearly a decade until 2008 when Tina Manchise and Tara Lindsay Gordon founded The Requiem project to raise funds for its rehabilitation. Although currently only open for special events, the space exhibits great architectural potential and opportunities for the Cincinnati community.

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Based out of Switzerland, the designers at Swatch have been continually innovative with their application of graphics to watches for nearly 30 years. I find their nod to pop culture and design quite intriguing. Their most successful designs contain references to transit maps, measuring tapes, sculptures, and Rubik’s cubes.

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See it. Like it. Make it.

If you don’t have the funds to support a new wardrobe every season, the book P.S. – I Made This has great ideas on how to apply the latest fashion trends to existing clothing by using common materials. Written by Erica Domesek, the book contains instructions on how to make necklaces from bouncy balls, earrings from straws, a purse from pom poms, headbands from fabric scraps, and more.

Take it with a grain – or slab – of salt…

While looking for unique servingware recently, I purchased a Himalayan Sea Salt slab – it’s ethereal pink translucency and pure weight were slightly mezmerizing and drew me in initially. Little did I know the full benefits of my purchase – but quickly came to find out that not only was this a dramatic serving piece, but it was an amazing interactive show piece as well! These slabs–  ‘salt of the earth’, literally, can unassumingly be heated up to 500º at which point you can cook directly on their surface with some simple prepping. They can also be used over direct heat on a stove or grill AND cooled to feature cold foods, even ice cream. Sweet! Or in this case… Salty!

Sizzling Scallops on a 500˚ salt slab by Fresh to Market

Grillin’ sausage and eggs over an open grill by BarbequeMaster

Scallops with Szechuan Peppercorns and Citrus from Salt News

So at your next dinner party – sizzle like the culinary star you’ve dreamed of being and rock the Himalayan Sea Salt cook top!

Knife & Saw

I love this bike shelf by Knife & Saw. For a cool $300, you can artfully display your bike with books, art, flowers, etc. Designed to accommodate most bikes, the solid wood shelf can be custom made to fit your frame for an additional fee.