How to Make a Pirates Ship Wheel

IMG_0399If you’ve built the Cannon, now you need a Ships Wheel.  You’ll need a lathe, router and a bandsaw (or jigsaw). Read more of this post

Beyond The Earbuds | Random Acts of Summer!


Are you tired of some loudmouth radio DJ telling you what the “song of the summer” is? Me too! So why not allow your fellow coworkers do it instead? Pull up your blinds (unless the sunlight obstructs your neighbor’s screen) and catch some summer .wav-s!

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FRCH | Over The Radar

Yeah, it’s been a while since my first post. Mostly because I realized I’m not the best person for a music blog. My musical tastes, while broad within genres, aren’t broad in general. However I’d be willing to wager that everyone pigeonholes his/her musical spreadsheet much like I do. Such is life. Anyway if you think I could benefit from a little exposure to Dubstep or Pop Country, feel free to tell me, or suggest me something on Spotify. Also, I encourage everyone to post a comment with songs/artists that blow your hair back!

Here are 5 songs that got me bouncing in my seat lately!

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How to Make a Pirate Cannon: Part Two

Now that you have a full size cannon, let’s build a smaller rail mounted cannon.  With Halloween around the corner, you can never have too many pirate props.

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Midpoint Music Festivities Recapped

Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood radiated with energy as the 10th annual Midpoint Music Festival hosted over 100 local and touring acts this past weekend. With 17 official stages and numerous unofficial events, the city experienced some amazing music and festivities over the 3-day occasion.

(above :: The Midpoint Midway, photo via

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The Future of Retail Lighting

The possibilities of retail lighting in the future and the implications and opportunities that it could transform the customer’s shopping experience are exciting to imagine. Philips Lighting Headquarters showcases a lighting lab to explore the potential ways customers may interact and respond to lighting. Read more of this post

For the Love of the Game

Some sports enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny to enjoy their favorite pastime. Check out the video courtesy of Co. Design Daily of “A Modernist’s Foosball Table”, priced at a mere $68,000. The foosball table marries the personal passion for the game with high design. Whether or not you are a fan of foosball, one must appreciate the attention to detail in this piece. Click here to see the video.