Like a Sustainable Firefly Jar

The Lab went through a period of powerless-ness due to Hurricane Ike and found itself lacking in temporary light.  We’ve been wanting this jar for awhile now and it seems like the perfect time to grab one.  Although it would be hard to store it away in that emergency preparedness kit since it’s so cool!

(Make sure you check out the other cool things at Reform School!  So much fun!)


Via MoCo Loco: Hanna Nyman‘s floral lift and peel wallpaper.

Recycled 6,6 Nylon NOW

The new Convert yarn system from Interface is a revolution in carpet recycling technology.  Convert is recycled 6,6 and 6 yarns which no one else does in the industry yet.   Interface is the first to develop the technology to recycle 6,6 nylon back into 6,6 nylon.

Convert is a groundbreaking new category of modular carpet that is manufactured with a full color spectrum of post-consumer yarn.  All new products shown by Interface at Neocon had the convert yarn system in each product giving them the highest recycled content in the industry.

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From Interface – “How It Works: Through patent pending technology, we cleanly separate the face fiber and backing of nearly any carpet type. Separated type 6 and 6,6 nylon fiber are recycled into new 6 and 6,6 nylon, while separated backings are recycled into new backing.”

Samples from the new yarn system are availavble in the Library.  (You’ve gotta see the white – WOW.)

Layers by Hella Jongerius

Now available: Layers by Hella Jongerius for Maharam consists of three embroidered patterns: Layers Garden, Layers Park and Layers Vineyard, available in a combination of single and double layer variations. Wool felt, being a rapidly renewable material, provides you a nice sustainable textile option.

From Maharam: “Jongerius often explores the theme of pairing both new and old techniques of production in her designs. In the case of Layers, the use of sophisticated full-width embroidery machinery is juxtaposed with the artisanal hand-cutting of felt in the double layer variations, resulting in an industrial craft hybrid.”

Single layered options are $125 per yard. Double-layered options, $250.

Some of you may remember this gorgeous textile from NeoCons of years’ past.  Until now, it wasn’t available.  We’re happy to see that Maharam found the right blend of technology and handwork to get this product produced!  Samples are available in the Library.

Great Scuffmaster Technique

From our friends at Singer Contract Group, some images of a nice Scuffmaster installation at a casino on the East Coast.  They used a brown Scrubtough as the base coat and then randomly painted a gold toned Envirometal over top…..

Advantages to this process – you still achieve the faux finish as well as the metallic quality, cleanability, durability and environmentally friendly paint!

Click on the images for larger pictures.

So Smooth

The Lab had a lovely visit with Bernhardt Design and our representatives for them, The Dorsey Group. They stopped by to show us some of their newest offerings that debuted at NeoCon this year (more of those items later).  The general favorite was the Loft Lounge piece designed by Shelly Shelly from the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

Listing at $1900, this chair is made from solid walnut.  Each chair is manufactured from one walnut log cut into many parts then assembled into this piece.  The chair is suitable for low-traffic areas but should not be used outdoors or in a space with tons of direct sun exposure.

Grainy Black

The Lab just had a luncheon presentation from Emser Tile.  They are the largest importer of natural stone in the US.  We wanted to point out one of our favorite (and most requested) granites, Marrone Nero.  This granite is gorgeous honed or polished and is available in 12″x12″ tiles from Emser.

Samples are on their way!  Check out Emser’s website for a comprehensive online catalogue of their offerings on natural stone and porcelain tiles.