Beyond the Earbuds | Annual Breakfast

FRCH Annual Breakfast 2017, Record Jacket

Each year, on the last Tuesday of January, FRCH hosts our Annual Breakfast. Our version of the State of the Union address, we take the opportunity to recap our successes of the past year and share our focus for the coming year. The format consists of quick presentations from each studio and discipline, highlighting key projects and goals accomplished. Several years ago we implemented music into the program … but not just background music … the ability for each speaker to select their personalized ‘walk-up’ music. Since then, the song selections have become a key tradition, with speakers agonizing over the perfect pick. This year, after many internal requests, we wanted to share our 2017 Annual Breakfast playlist with you! Read more of this post

Beyond The Earbuds | Random Acts of Summer!


Are you tired of some loudmouth radio DJ telling you what the “song of the summer” is? Me too! So why not allow your fellow coworkers do it instead? Pull up your blinds (unless the sunlight obstructs your neighbor’s screen) and catch some summer .wav-s!

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Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Deep Cuts from 1 FRCHer

good news!
Good news everyone! I’ve emerged from underneath my pile of expense reports and Construction Documents with a handful of cuts for your listening pleasure. I wasn’t able to curate a list from random employees, so you’ll have to put up with my musical taste this week. Enjoy?
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Beyond The Earbuds | 5 Songs from 5 FRCHers



TGIF! Remember? Erkel? Step By Step? Cody? Never mind… here’s your Friday boost of aural caffeine!

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Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Songs From 5 FRCHers

Holy Potatoes Batman, we made it to Friday! Why not celebrate with a couple of deep cuts hand picked by your co-workers?

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Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Jams From 5 FRCHers



Happy Friday! Here’s your weekly offering of righteous jams to help you get in the zone, broaden your musical horizons, or question your co-worker’s musical tastes.

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OVER THE RADAR: An Interview With Lauren Denitzio

Prior to becoming more acquainted with Lauren over the past few years, I had only known her through her instantly recognizable record jackets that I would come across while on tour. I also knew her through the band she fronted for nearly 7 years, The Measure [sa]. At every record store and at every dingy-basement-show-distro-box I would undoubtedly find myself freezing on a record that carried the modus operandi of one Lauren Denitzio.

In recent years we’ve bumped into each other at a music festival or at a show in New York, and we would end up striking up a conversation about anything and everything…except art. So I got in touch with Lauren recently to finally have the art conversation. Well, a conversation about HER art, which I am a huge fan of.

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