Big Apple Air

Nike Big Air, FRCH Creative Fuel

You’re not exactly sure what you’re seeing when you walk down Spring Street in Soho and stumble upon a series of windows filled with shelves of white milk jugs, spray bottles and skateboard decks … all with small black, old-school Nike logos printed on each one. It’s enough to make you stop in your tracks, find the door and go in. Once inside you realize it’s Nike’s new 5-story flagship concept. Read more of this post

Samsung’s “Non-store”

Samsung Flagship NYC, FRCH Creative FuelSamsung’s new “non-store” store experience recently opened in NYC as an experiential brand space that allows users to see and explore the latest products and innovations from the Korean brand. Guests are greeted by a Samsung host, available to answer any questions or point them in the right direction. The first level is all about the brand experience. From the huge video screen/amphitheater, to the glass DJ booth and VR pods, it sets up a very emotional and exciting experience from start to finish. Read more of this post

Just What The Dr. Ordered

Just what the Dr. ordered

Eyes the size of saucers, I couldn’t believe my uncle, who managed a grocery store that won a contest by selling the most Dr. Pepper in the region, was giving my sister and I the prize…a motorized Dr. Pepper go kart! From 1984 through the early 90’s our summers were spent driving, riding, pushing and occasionally being drug behind, the most fun toy a kid could ask for (…ask me about the tree I ran over during the summer of ’86). Read more of this post

Second Shift Creativity

To quote the famous Bill Cosby sketch “the same thing happens every night”…and I LOVE it!

Second-Shift-Creativity, Creative Fuel

My day starts at 5:30 am, then speeds up around 8:30 with a series of meetings, brainstorms, idea sharing, problem solving and if I’m really lucky some sketching. In my world all these things require creativity, in one form or another. But creativity is like anything else, a full day of it and your sponge is full…you just can’t handle anymore. You need a break, time to relax and decompress…but I have a 2 1/2 year old and someone forgot to explain this concept to him (I’ll spare you the “bottle his energy cliché”…). Read more of this post