‘Made You Look’… street art delights

In London and Paris, a multitude of Museums and Galleries house some of the most influential and amazing art in the world– but I’ve found, in both cities, the street art has an awe-inspiring and raw quality that is even more magnetic. For me, these pieces and the creativity they inspire span a gap between graffiti, street art and installation art and allow the streetscape to act as gallery.

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Great Boots AND Brand Personality… WHAT?!?

In my never-ending quest for great (and travel appropriate) boots and only having disappointing retail experiences trying to find them, I finally had to turn to online sources – and frankly, I will never go back! Piperlime.com has won me over!  While I knew I would love the boots – I had no idea the Brand experience would be so delightful. Read more of this post

windy city food tour…

Food & Beverage KioskChicago, one of America’s classic cities, has it all – from retail to incredible Architecture to most importantly RESTAURANTS… it is really a design paradise – even when the wind chill is -10 degrees.

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Name that Voiceover…

Advertising agencies are elevating the level of ‘Branding’ in commercials these days, with the more widely accepted practice of employing key celebrities to do their voiceovers. An art in itself, casting the right voice – and often, more importantly, the right celebrity character’s voice, adds depth to these commercials that is almost on a subconscious level. If you emotionally connect with that character, can the simple use of his or her voice connect you to that product as well? Do you listen to the message more intently when ‘Don Draper’ tells you to love Mercedes?

Or when Mad Men’s ‘Roger Sterling’ sells the ‘Lincoln lifestyle’?

Or can you accept Cisco and the ‘Human Network’ as a forward-thinking, inspired company when paired with a youthful Ellen Page and a classroom full of globally connected children?

Then again, a few fall short… despite his presidential confidence – am I supposed to believe that Martin Sheen is the choice, or voice, of the ‘Next Generation’?

The bar has been set high and Brand’s need to be all the more aware of who their customers emotionally connect with… Trust me, we’re listening.

If you were a voiceover, which Brand would you be?

Take it with a grain – or slab – of salt…

While looking for unique servingware recently, I purchased a Himalayan Sea Salt slab – it’s ethereal pink translucency and pure weight were slightly mezmerizing and drew me in initially. Little did I know the full benefits of my purchase – but quickly came to find out that not only was this a dramatic serving piece, but it was an amazing interactive show piece as well! These slabs–  ‘salt of the earth’, literally, can unassumingly be heated up to 500º at which point you can cook directly on their surface with some simple prepping. They can also be used over direct heat on a stove or grill AND cooled to feature cold foods, even ice cream. Sweet! Or in this case… Salty!

Sizzling Scallops on a 500˚ salt slab by Fresh to Market

Grillin’ sausage and eggs over an open grill by BarbequeMaster

Scallops with Szechuan Peppercorns and Citrus from Salt News

So at your next dinner party – sizzle like the culinary star you’ve dreamed of being and rock the Himalayan Sea Salt cook top!