FRCH is an internationally focused strategic design firm whose passion is the creation and execution of exceptional experiences for consumers and the brands that they love. With offices in Cincinnati, New York and Los Angeles, we have nearly 50 years of experience building relationships with many of the leaders in retail, consumer brands, hospitality and entertainment.

With a wide array of skill-sets and disciplines collaborating on a single project, our solutions are always pushed beyond the expected. Our people are one of the most valued and important differentiators within our industry and a key advantage for the clients we are privileged to partner with.

Creative Fuel is an eclectic mix of thoughts, points of view and insights about the things that inspire the employees of FRCH. Our contributors have a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. They work hard, play hard and are here to share their experiences with you!

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  27. Bryan Loar says:

    I’ll actually leave a comment instead of a trackback. That’s one good looking materials library.

  28. Love your blog! I just got back from my first visit to Cincinnati and took VERY similar pictures to the ones that you posted. I have a thing for these old signs and OTR was a mecca! This is my blog: http://nikkivillagomez.wordpress.com/

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