BLINK Cincinnati

It’s rare that art events visibly transform an entire city, but on October 12th-15th Cincinnati did just that via “BLINK” – a four day event featuring large-scale projection mapping, installations, murals, urban artscapes, media light and interactive art spanning 20 city blocks. FRCH’s creative minds could not resist the opportunity for inspiration, formalizing a walkabout to collectively experience the event. Starting with a few drinks at Queen City Radio we geared up for the light parade and evening of “enlightenment”. Through it all, it was impossible to find a fan favorite, there were so many unbelievable installations. Some installations stopped you in your tracks via contemporary 3D projection mapping (the Contemporary Arts Center and the Federal Courthouse), some captured creativity at all ages (The Pool in Washington Park) and some just made you smile (Rosemary Clooney).


Those of us native to Cincinnati could not have been more proud to literally “see the city shine”. Native Cincinnatians know the city is deeply rooted in the arts and BLINK exhibited that our love of the arts will progressively continue for generations to come. It is estimated 1 million people attended last weekend’s event! While it’s hard to put the emotional and sensorial feelings one experienced attending BLINK into words, I think The Northerner summed it up best: “Over the weekend, light flowed over Cincinnati–it crawled into Washington Park, wrapped itself around buildings, and danced along storefronts, speckling sidewalks with color. For four nights, the city was filtered through rose-colored lenses; faces upturned, onlookers were able to immerse themselves in a momentary electric dreamscape.”

Thanks to fellow FRCH-ers for the photos and Lawrence Song for the video below capturing our experience!

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