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Each FRCH studio consists of a combination of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, resource specialists, strategists, and project managers. We all work together to deliver ownable on-brand moments for our clients and their guests each and every day. But how do we align and unite our disciplines across studios to create an opportunity for new dialogue and encourage sparking anew to keep our creative juices flowing?

The Interior’s Discipline recently introduced a series of happy hour-ish events in which we get out of the office and collectively take in “Signature Experiences”. The hope is that by sharing these moments together, while also making time to discuss our observations, we will naturally add to our individual experience index and encourage fresh and inspired thinking to make its way into our projects. This year we are focused on Signature Experiences that balance active and passive – meaning brand experiences that are both educational and memorable to the guest.

For the first installment of this year’s Signature Experience’s series, we took a trip up the street to visit The Candle Lab.


We were warmly welcomed in and immediately encouraged to explore their expansive candle wall – “playing” and identifying favorable scents. Once we each had a handful of favorites cataloged on our provided clipboard, we were invited to sit at the mixing bar and experiment with unique combinations of our selected, scented oils. Once we had our distinct aroma fully honed, we each mixed our selected oils into a jigger at just the right proportion before pouring into our vessel of pre-filled hot wax. After stirring for about a minute to assure the oils and wax were properly blended, our work was done! We were asked to clean up and then ventured through the neighborhood to bask in our shared experience for an hour or so while our candles fully cured.


We ultimately walked away with more than a candle – but with the shared memory. The Candle Lab provided us with an immersive sensorial experience that adds dimension to their product and tells a more resonant brand story. The store becomes a vehicle to the experience versus simply a moment of transaction. The guest is left with a richer, share-worthy experience that brings meaning to their product. Now I’m just hoping my candle (Tomato Leaf + Rain) smells good when I get it home to burn!

If you have suggestions for other notable Signature Experiences in or around The Queen City, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll add them to our list of adventures!


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  1. The Candle Lab says:

    We are so honored to be your first stop on a years journey of Signature Experiences. It sounds like you made memories and created signature blends suited to each of your noses. Your wording of our goal was spot on; we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Hopefully your loving your Tomato Leaf + Rain blend and come back soon! We just released or line of Fall/Winter scents and based on your last picks, think you will really enjoy Autumn Leaves. Until next time, happy exploring!

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