Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls 2017, FRCH

This year a group of FRCH-ers got together to donate their time and talent to a local organization called Empty Bowls of Butler County.  The Empty Bowls concept started over 25 years ago in Michigan as an international project to fight hunger, personalized by artists and art organizations on a community level. People in the community contribute soup bowls that are individually painted and the finished products are then used as serving pieces for a fundraising meal of soup and bread. Contributing guests are then able to keep the empty bowls. Today Empty Bowls has grown to an innumerable number of events all over the country, benefiting numerous non-profits.

For this year’s event, FRCH was asked to donate their time to paint a larger pasta-size bowl that was auctioned off after the meal. The event took place at the Lutheran Church in Hamilton, Ohio on April 1st with proceeds going toward the Open Door Food Pantry.

Thank you to all the FRCH artists who joined me for the event, including: Megan Day, Catherine Murray, Ashley Sojda, Trey Meyer, Jaipal Singh, Jennifer Nelson, Laura Omeltschenko, Sue Kettler, Kelli Fellers, Jon Lewis, Emily Grabow, Grace Hertlein, Elizabeth Price and Angela Denney!

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