The Art of Themed Entertainment and The Lincoln Museum

IMG_1566The Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois is filled with high-end historical dioramas. Designed by friends at BRC Imagination Arts, the displays help to bring history to a more personal level by placing the audience in the middle of the action.

IMG_1575Theme Parks are more popular that ever and have introduced state-of-the-art visuals, both built and virtual.  If museums want to maintain attendance and inspire a new generation of visitor, they must follow suit and create eye-catching environments.

IMG_1568While some museums have introduced virtual technology, the Lincoln Museum stands out as a charming and more intimate experience with tangible and tactile built scenes.

IMG_1562 (002)Artistry and old school techniques bring each scene to life.

IMG_1560The figures were created by the Ohio-based exhibit and animatronic company, LifeFormations.

IMG_1572Each scene is accompanied by appropriate lighting, dialogue and sound effects to enhance the believability.

IMG_1563The sound of a crackling fire, moving flame and snoring, coming from Lincoln’s siblings in the loft above, drops the visitor inside a realistic environment – much more effective than reading a plaque under a dusty old photo.

GhostShow“Ghosts of the Library” tells the story of how artifacts, papers and books preserve our history.  The show uses a live actor and a centuries old technique call Pepper’s Ghost to bring some of the images to life.

IMG_1570Visitors can walk through a re-creation of Lincoln’s store in New Salem.  The actual village of New Salem is about 20 minutes from the museum.

IMG_1571Museums, Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality can all benefit from the themed entertainment model, as a way of attracting new customers.




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