The “Find Your Art” Challenge

ArtsWave, FRCH Find Your Art

FRCH’s annual ArtsWave campaign is just around the corner! We hope to heighten awareness that Cincinnati is home to impressive art collections, spectacular theater and dance, memorable chef-inspired culinary experiences, and events that will entertain and stimulate. This year, we aim to inspire you to “Find Your Art” by celebrating all forms of art in our week long campaign to benefit ArtsWave.

With all that said, what better way to raise awareness, excitement and energy than a little studio competition? Sponsored by Dan Binford & Associates, each of our seven studios will be provided with one designer chair, and a $25 starting budget, in order to bring your canvas to life. Whether you embellish, apply, carve, paint, upholster or morph – there are no rules! The chairs will be auctioned off throughout the campaign week (March 20th – March 23rd), with a little extra incentive for the favorite design. So check back in the coming weeks to see the final pieces as we encourage our team and our followers to “Find Your Art”!

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