Samsung’s “Non-store”

Samsung Flagship NYC, FRCH Creative FuelSamsung’s new “non-store” store experience recently opened in NYC as an experiential brand space that allows users to see and explore the latest products and innovations from the Korean brand. Guests are greeted by a Samsung host, available to answer any questions or point them in the right direction. The first level is all about the brand experience. From the huge video screen/amphitheater, to the glass DJ booth and VR pods, it sets up a very emotional and exciting experience from start to finish.

The second level is all about the merchandise. Long tables allow guests to interact with the latest devices as well as troubleshoot their own devices with a Samsung expert (these folks are hanging out all over the store). There is a mock living room set-up that gives guests the opportunity to explore and use the newest devices similarly to how they would use them in the home. The back wall has a huge interactive touchscreen that allows guests to learn about the latest home appliances and see realistic renderings and 3D models of each product at 1:1 scale. Words can only describe so much, so check out the photos and videos below. Definitely worth the trip to the lower west side!

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