Making a Nightstand Mock-up for Hilton


As Tru by Hilton continues to evolve, questions come up from time to time regarding functionality.  The table circled in the rendering above fits the style of Tru, but is it large enough to function as a nightstand?  A detailed mock-up was needed to answer that question.  Remember, hundreds of these nightstands will be made, so we need to get it right the first time.  Here’s the build process.GF-201

A detailed drawing was made showing the ideal size and proportion for the room.  From this, I was able to determine the amount of material needed to create it.

IMG_0601Carving Foam and MDF seemed the ideal choice for manufacturing the table.  Foam is lightweight and easily carved, and MDF would provide a smooth and durable surface for the top.


The initial cuts are made using ordinary hand tools.


After drawing the circles with a beam compass, each one was cut out on the bandsaw.


The pieces were stacked and glued using Super 77 spray-mount and 5 minute epoxy.  The MDF layer was first, providing a solid mounting surface for my plate attachment for the lathe.


It seemed the most efficient and durable way of making the table would be to make it in three separate pieces, each one having an MDF plate attached for the lathe connection.


The foam cut smoothly with ordinary chisels.


The MDF plate edge was also tapered to give the piece a seamless transition.  A light sanding brought the foam to a smooth texture.

IMG_0615Accuracy was paramount for each section to fit together.  Careful measurements preceded the turning of each piece.


The sections were epoxied together and wooden dowels were driven through the upper section, into the middle section for added stability.


Ten coats of automotive primer were added over a period of several hours.  Joint compound filled in any large voids.  After a final coat of primer, the table was finished.  If we decide to take this into production, a gel coat will be added and the table will receive a wet sanding to get the surface perfectly smooth, then a mold will be made for the manufacturing process.


The size feels right.  Now we wait for client feedback before we move forward.






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