Off To The Races: Keeneland 2016

Keeneland, FRCH, Creative FuelWe all look forward to springtime for the warming temperatures, longer days, and the beauty of Mother Nature coming to life after a long, cold winter.  And here at FRCH, nothing represents the arrival of spring as much as our annual Keeneland Celebration!  Our 30+ year tradition includes the Fitzgerald Award Ceremony and of course, a day of celebrating at the historic Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky.

This year, we held the Award Ceremony under a tent in our own backyard. With our ‘Garden Party’ theme, the celebration radiated casual elegance complete with musical entertainment, yard games, big hats and plenty of food and drinks.  Our trip to Keeneland featured beautiful weather and all the glorious sights and sounds of the arrival of spring in the Bluegrass State!

Photography Credit: Jennifer Dwyer and Lawrence Song

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I'm the Director of Human Resources for FRCH Design Worldwide. Fulltime Dad, part-time rocker and occasional blogger, I believe that Human Resources professionals in the design industry need to be as creative as the designers they work for.

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