Miami Design District – A Pattern Architect’s Dream

Miami Design District, FRCH Creative Fuel

For those who seek out unique architecture, love pattern as an environmental envelope or just enjoy unexpected inspiration — then be sure to visit Miami’s Design District. I have been fortunate enough to visit the district several times over the past few years, allowing me to see the environment evolve and grow, becoming more impressed upon each return visit. Filled with luxury shopping, boutique art galleries and exquisite furnishings, the Miami Design District has managed to create a destination focused on fashion, design and architecture. It’s a place of creative inspiration at every turn.

Upon this most recent visit, it was the architecture that had me mesmerized. Each luxury retailer has taken the opportunity to embrace the locale with a unique statement; still on-brand, but with an expressive architectural freedom only few locations afford –  and there seemed to be a theme. Miami clearly had brought out a “textural” dialogue within each architectural façade. The patterns juxtaposed on each building and in relationship to each other created a lyrical architectural journey throughout the district. Juxtapositions of large patterns to small, plays of light and shadow mixed with larger than life art sculptures create an engaging envelope to a creative neighborhood like no other.

(And on a side note, thank-you Fendi for the bold color! What a striking contrast against the beautiful, white neutrality abundant throughout Miami. The color plays to the vibrant spirit of the city.)

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