GlobalShop 2016: Some Of My Favorite Things

GlobalShop 2016, FRCH Creative Fuel

Last week I traveled with several FRCH-ers to Las Vegas to attend the 2016 GlobalShop trade show. It was my first experience to this particular show and I wasn’t disappointed. While I’m a veteran of NeoCon, this was an entirely different experience. GlobalShop is focused on the retail industry and its many components from holiday display to fixtures, finishes, accessories and packaging. Many displays featured technology – some newer than others – but all impressive!

One of the highlights was Outform, who displayed a new OLED transparent screen that allows for an advertisement to play over the face of a showcased product. The imagery is clear and vibrant and can be changed constantly over a beacon system using Morse Code. Thin and strong, it can used in conjunction with other display screens to attract the client and capture their attention.

Outform also featured a kinetic programmable light show that choreographs round-ball-like lighting fixtures to move in a synchronized dance while changing colors

In addition, Stylmark featured a new trim casing to be used around TV or mirrors that use a tag system to identify products and display their attributes.

Faux wall textures, signage and banner companies as well as many packaging lines rounded out the show. While there were many interesting products, I’ve chose some of my favorites to share with you.

Click on each image to find out more about the product…

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