Welcome to Cuba

Welcome to Cuba, FRCH Creative Fuel

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Cuba as part of a mission trip. The trip was the conclusion of a 2-year program for a group of Cubans that included lessons in theology, practical and pastoral leadership and numerous mission trips. In celebration, 14 of us traveled down there to not only experience their culture but to teach, heal and worship together. The trip consisted of 5 cities (Camaguey, Las Tunas, Ciego de Avila, Santa Clara, and Havana); 7 graduations (including over 900 people) and visits to over 22 churches in the region. We experienced first hand how the Cuban culture is made up of beautiful, resourceful and loving people.

The population of Cuba is 11.5 million – all 11.5 million, fitting into about the same square mileage as the State of Ohio (about 42,800 sq mileage). The hospitality and natural beauty of the land is evident but the infrastructure (roads & buildings) are in clear need of repair. The culture as a whole, runs on ‘Cuban Time’ … typically 1-2 hours behind what is planned, but they make up for the delay with their cuisine! The closer you got into the city, the more flavorful the food becomes. The old world traditions live strong – with bike and horse-drawn carts having the right-of-way (leaving all the beautiful, vintage cars having to wait their turn…).



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