MLB’s 2015 All-Star Break

MLB All Star Game, Cincinnati Baseball, 2015

The city of Cincinnati definitely put its best foot forward for MLB’s 2015 All-Star Break … and I was lucky enough to be a part of it all!  While numerous exciting events took place over the five day line-up, the highlight was our hometown hero, Todd Frazier’s clutch win of the Home Run Derby! The new rules led to one of the most exciting, head-to-head power match-ups, with all 43,656 fans cheering as loud as they could for homers from their hometown favorites. The energy was as loud – if not louder than a Cincinnati Bengals game – when Frazier came up to bat! While I was not the lucky fan that caught Josh Donaldson’s home run ball pictured below, I did battle it out for another ball, which after ricocheting off my fiance, was eventually snatched up by his boss (Boo!). Nonetheless the experience of having home runs hit all around you is definitely something I will never forget!


Even more surprising to me was how well Great American Ballpark handled the massive amount of fans in the stadium – throughout all three nights of events. Food and beverage vendors were well managed, eliminating long lines and even while you were in your seats (which I was most of the time), the service felt as though you had a personal server waiting on you with the increased amount of staff on hand. In addition, with all the out-of-towners, the ballpark added charging stations and a variety of additional food options, including made-to-order steak and seafood platters and chocolate-dipped ice cream bars with the topping(s) of your choice. The stadium operated smoothly and looked beautiful with all the new, iconic graphics and signage that were integrated throughout. Our Brewery Heritage Trail medallion sign proudly lit up the concourse areas! Overall the stadium and the surrounding downtown areas had such an iconic all-star look that it really added another level of personality for baseball in Cincinnati.

Even if you weren’t able to score tickets to the big games, the Pepsi Block Party was a great alternative – even featuring a zip-line ride above the crowd. Live bands (like “Big Data” shown below) amped up the party atmosphere on The Banks and Cincinnati proved once and for all that we can provide a baller All-Star Break.  Now, if only we could get another Home Run Derby at GABP!

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